About Glenn

Glenn Grothman is the Congressman for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District. Glenn is currently serving his first term in Congress.

Glenn is a member of four congressional committees. He serves on the House Budget, Education and the Workforce, and Oversight and Government Reform Committees, along with the Joint House and Senate Economic Committee. Grothman's time in office has been marked by his passionate advocacy for manufacturing, tax reform, welfare reform, education reform, and pro-life causes. 

Before serving in Congress, Glenn served as the Assistant Majority Leader in the Wisconsin State Senate. His service in the State Senate was marked by his passionate advocacy for economic growth legislation, tax reform, and limited government spending. Glenn was a strong advocate for Gov. Scott Walker's public union reforms, commonly known as "Act 10."  During the union protests surrounding Act 10 in 2011, Glenn was a tireless advocate for the reforms with other legislators and the public.

Before his time in the legislature, Glenn was a practicing attorney.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and attended High School at Homestead High School in Mequon.

Glenn Grothman and his family.

[Left to right: Pam McGuire (Glenn's sister), Glenn Grothman, Megan McGuire (Glenn's niece), Grant Grothman (Glenn's brother), Joan Grothman (Glenn's mother), Amanda Grothman (Glenn's niece).]

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