Duey Stroebel Attack Ads Miss the Mark

(Oshkosh, WI) – Duey Stroebel’s new ads attacking state Sen. Glenn Grothman’s proven conservative record miss the mark, says Grothman’s campaign. Stroebel is struggling to gain traction in his campaign to get to Congress and is turning to shady attack ads in an attempt to buy the election.

“‘The reality is that nobody in this race comes close to matching the depth and breadth of Glenn Grothman’s leadership on conservative issues,’” said Brandon VerVelde, Communications Director for the Grothman campaign. “That was what Charlie Sykes said about Glenn’s record last week, and Charlie is hardly alone in recognizing Glenn’s long history of being out in front on every conservative issue. It’s truly hard to believe that Duey Stroebel thinks he can attack Glenn Grothman for not being conservative enough.”

Like a typical politician, Duey Stroebel’s ad actually attacks Glenn Grothman for supporting the budgets authored by Gov. Scott Walker – that Duey Stroebel also voted for.

“Duey Stroebel attacking an opponent for voting for something that he himself voted for is new level of hypocrisy,” added VerVelde. “What’s next, attacking Glenn for authoring the early voting reform legislation which Duey himself co-authored?”

Grothman is a Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.  He currently represents the 20th Senate District in the Wisconsin State Senate.  The 6th Congressional District includes the counties of Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Dodge, Green Lake, Manitowoc, Marquette, Columbia, Waushara, and Milwaukee. Click here to view a map of the 6th Congressional District.


Contact: Brandon VerVelde - (920) 207-1899 or brandon@glenngrothman.com

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