Glenn Grothman Endorsed by State Senator Alan Lasee

(Oshkosh, WI) – State Sen. Glenn Grothman, Republican candidate for Congress, was endorsed today by former State Sen. Alan Lasee, who represented the 1st Senate District for over thirty years. Sen. Lasee’s former district included a large portion of Manitowoc County in the 6th Congressional District.

Sen. Lasee: “The voters in the 6th Congressional District have an important decision to make in the upcoming  Republican  Primary in August.  I am endorsing Glenn Grothman today because Glenn has proven time and time again that he is a man of conservative principles that I believe is so desperately needed in Congress  today. I served with Glenn in the State Senate for many years and during all that time I’ve learned that he is a person that you can trust. He does what he says he will do. As Americans, we no longer can turn our backs on all of the problems facing America, like immigration, the high national debt, the economy, healthcare and welfare reform. Glenn Grothman is the right candidate for Congress and I urge conservatives in Manitowoc County and the entire district to support Glenn Grothman.”

Lasee (R – De Pere) was first elected to the 1st Senate District in a 1977 special election. He was re-elected to the Senate until he retired in 2010.

Grothman added: “I’m honored to earn Sen. Lasee’s endorsement for Congress. Having worked with Sen. Lasee for many years, I know he doesn’t give his endorsement lightly. When I get to Congress, I will tackle head-on the toughest issues facing our country. We need to address the welfare crisis. We need to balance the budget and cut down the debt. We need to get Americans back in the workforce. We need to close the borders and address the immigration crisis. I’m honored that Sen. Lasee believes I’m the best candidate to go to Congress to address these important issues.”

Grothman is a Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.  He currently represents the 20th Senate District in the Wisconsin State Senate.  The 6th Congressional District includes the counties of Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Dodge, Green Lake, Manitowoc, Marquette, Columbia, Waushara, and Milwaukee. Click here to view a map of the 6th Congressional District.


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