Sanctity of Life

Life begins at conception without exceptions. In Congress, I'll fight to protect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


Glenn Grothman will stand up for the most vulnerable among us.

Senator Glenn Grothman believes in the sanctity and dignity of life from conception until natural death. He has authored and passed numerous, important pro-life bills throughout his time in the state legislature and has steadfastly supported many more.

He was the author of Wisconsin’s twenty-four hour waiting period legislation, the best in the country at the time. Glenn led the charge to stop abortions from being performed at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. For these accomplishments and many other initiatives, Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-life Wisconsin have always strongly endorsed him and given him Legislator of the Year awards.

Glenn will continue to protect the sanctity of life at the national level and fight to win back the ground that has been lost at the hands of the federal government controlled by pro-abortion forces.

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