Statement on Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case

(Oshkosh, WI) – State Sen. Glenn Grothman, Republican candidate for Congress, issued the following statement regarding the Supreme Court decision in favor of religious liberty in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case:

“The Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby is a big win for Christians in America. During President Obama’s presidency, Christians practicing their faith have come under increasing persecution, and I’m incredibly thankful that the court ruled in favor of their First Amendment right to religious freedom.

“Let’s not forget that this whole issue wouldn’t have come down to a court ruling if the President Obama and the Democrats had simply respected religious freedom from the beginning. Instead, they chose the path of big, overbearing government that repeatedly violates the rights and freedoms of Americans of all stripes.

“When I get to Congress, I’ll fight to protect Christians’ right to practice their faith both privately and publicly.”

Grothman is a Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.  He currently represents the 20th Senate District in the Wisconsin State Senate.  The 6th Congressional District includes the counties of Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Dodge, Green Lake, Manitowoc, Marquette, Columbia, Waushara, and Milwaukee. Click here to view a map of the 6th Congressional District.


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