I've been a leader on pushing through income tax cuts and tax reform, and I'll take the record and experience to Washington to let you keep more of your hard-earned money.


Glenn Grothman will oppose higher taxes and always argue for lower taxes.

Senator Glenn Grothman is an outspoken leader in the Wisconsin Legislature on advocating and implementing tax cuts across the board. Glenn believes the only way to grow the economy is to give more money back to the hard-working taxpayers.

One of Glenn’s greatest legislative accomplishments is the Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit. This credit will essentially make manufacturing and agriculture, the foundation of Wisconsin’s economy, tax free. This is one of the most significant pro-jobs tax change that the state legislature has enacted.

Glenn has also tirelessly pursued lowering the property and income taxes. He was proud to vote for $2 billion of tax relief in the last two legislative sessions. His goal in Congress is to lower income taxes across the board to provide relief for over-taxed families throughout the 6th Congressional District.

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