Welfare Reform

The welfare system is broken and it's politicians to blame. We need to help those who are truly in a time of need and boost the economy to get all Wisconsinites back to work. When I get to Congress, I'll roll up my sleeves and get to work to reform welfare programs and help businesses grow jobs.


Glenn Grothman will fight to reform welfare.

Senator Glenn Grothman has been a longtime advocate for reform of the welfare system. He is very concerned about the trend towards government dependency.

The number of people on FoodShare has gone from 17 million as recently as 2001 to 47 million today. The number of people on disability has risen from 5 million people to almost 9 million people in the last thirteen years.

Some of the reasons welfare enrollment has expanded is because of dramatic increases in funding, expansion of welfare eligibility, and lax enforcement of current requirements, and the federal government has created an adverse incentive for people to stop working. This not only affects the economic opportunities of Americans who are working and paying taxes, it also alters the mindset and behavior of welfare recipients and their families.

The rush towards government reliance is resulting in the erosion of the American family, which will have severe, negative consequences for the next generation. Glenn has introduced legislation in Wisconsin to reform these programs, but again and again changes are blocked by federal laws and never-ending regulations that preempt reforms on the state level.

Congress needs a leader to stand up and fight. Glenn has consistently proven he is unafraid to tackle even the most formidable issues. He will fight to make reform of these government programs a top priority for Republicans. These issues must be addressed, and Glenn is the person ready and willing to take on the fight.

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